Thursday, 26 May 2011

What, you mean like monopoly?

Whenever I tell people I like playing Board Games, people will usually think first of games like Monopoly. While I have enjoyed many a game of Monopoly as a child and even occasionally in adulthood, I have to say no, that's not it at all. I usually try and explain that the games I like to play are like, strategy board games, which often they are but invariably gets quite a few people thinking of war games like Warhammer, probably because they've walked past a Games Workshop store at some point in their lives and those armies of painted figures somehow lodged somewhere in the back of their mind. I've got nothing against Warhammer et al, I've got a few friends that love playing it and have enjoyed the occasional game myself, but it's not board games. In a last ditch attempt I will say, 'Well do you know Risk?' and there will be a slight 'ah...' and a nod of understanding. Finally they've got it...sort of. Except Risk doesn't capture modern board gaming that well either, it is just an example of one of many types of game, and not even a very good example.

So this is one of the reasons for this blog, to try and show the masses (well, anyone who stops by to read this anyway) what modern board gaming is about, and how much fun it can be. There are lots of good board gaming blogs out there, but most of them are by dedicated board gamers for equally dedicated board gamers. A newbie will find themselves lost and immediately click elsewhere. So I'm going to try and make my blog a friendly and welcoming place for those new to board gaming, as well as being interesting to more seasoned gamers. As if that wasn't enough I also want to offer a UK perspective on gaming, details about board game conventions here in the UK, information on UK board game shops, and any hot deals that I find. All of this is available elsewhere on the internet (most notably on Board Game Geek), but often it can be difficult to easily pick out what you want from the masses of information from all over the world.

So I'm expecting this blog to have posts of general interest to board gamers (new and experienced), board game reviews, good offers and deals for people in the UK, conventions and anything else board game related. We'll see what happens anyway!