Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Dungeon Twister (2 player game)

I just picked this up the other day at the Bolton Games Day. Normally new games that I've never played before sit on my shelf before I get around to reading the rules and playing it but this time I was lucky. There'd been four of us playing games together all day and as it was getting late we didn't have time for another big game, so Simon suggested Dungeon Twister. Now its a two player game so that wouldn't have worked, except by chance he'd brought his own copy too, so we had 2 games going side by side. Simon and Edith, the seasoned players, battled it out, while Simon taught myself and Connor to play. Alas I lost, but at least I learned how to play, so later in the week was able to play it with the missus.

This game is part tactical puzzle game, part dungeon crawler. There is minimal luck in the game, which is all in the random setup and positioning of pieces, and once you are underway it is all strategy. The gameboard is made up of 8 square boards, shuffled and placed face down in 2 x 4 layout. You each have 8 characters and a bunch of equipment. You choose which four characters to start with on your starting line, and put them face down so your opponent doesn't know who they are. Then you take turns at placing the remainder of your pieces (characters or equipment) on one of the 8 face down Dungeon tiles. Gradually, these are upturned and each player's pieces are placed inside the dungeon (your opponent chooses exactly where on that section of dungeon they go). After that it's away you go. Each player gets a certain number of actions, and you have to make your way through the dungeon, disarm traps, kill your opponents characters and get to the other side. To make matters more confusing there are gears at the centre of each section of dungeon that rotates sections of the dungeon, so the layout is constantly changing. The winner is the first to 5 victory points (points are gained for getting characters - and treasure - to the other side of the Dungeon and killing your opponents characters.

Dungeon Twister Game board

This is only a quick overview of the game, there are lots more nuances to the rules giving added strategic depth, not least the fact that all the characters have different strength, speed and abilities. This is quite a deep, tactical 2 player game, but quick to learn and plays in about 45 minutes. Not many games can offer that.

The verdict's still out on this one - despite my wife winning the game (meaning I have lost both the games I've played so far - oh dear), she thinks it might be 'another Stratego', meaning a game that I always win. We'll have to wait and see for the final verdict, but this is certainly a game worth looking at if you are after a quick, tactical 2 player game.