Friday, 8 November 2013

SF authors anagrams quiz

I tried creating a proper multiple choice quiz earlier on General SF & Fantasy Fiction earlier, and any eagle eyed followers who were on Google Plus over lunchtime (UK time) might have spotted a quiz going up. It was a fine quiz, except for the fact that no matter how well you did, it would give you a score of zero. Ooops. I used a free service called Quizbox and there doesn't appear to be any useful help feature or FAQ that might cover this problem. So I'm going to try again with a different service, or maybe even code it myself. However for now, here's a short anagrams quiz. All of scrambled phrases below are anagrams of well known science fiction and fantasy authors. Feel free to post any answers you get in the comments below. Here goes.

1. Inherent Boiler
2. Biz Filterer
3. A merging terror
4. Character lurk
5. A basin mink
6. Discard off milk
7. A mosaic visa
8. Echoed mist
9. Sulk, alien guru
10. Mad of serenity
11. Rink jolter
12. Hob-nob rib!
13. Filched porker
14. Fancy men farce
15. Insane trophy

Shouldn't be too difficult, I'll post the answers in a day or two.

Shouldn't be too difficult, I'll post the answers in a day or two. In the meantime, if you want more SF quizzing fun, check out my Science Fiction & Fantasy quiz book, available on the Kindle store now.