Saturday, 9 August 2014

Bookspotting: Fantasy themed

Tuesday 29th July. On the way home I sat next to teenage guy, headphones in his ears, reading 'The Name of the Wind' by Patrick Rothfuss. This is a chunky epic fantasy novel, the first book in the Kingkiller Chronicles. The guy could almost be me when I was a teenager, head buried in a fantasy tome, albeit he has a cooler hair style than I had...

Patrick Rothfuss came seeimingly from nowhere in 2007 when 'The Name of the Wind' was published. It received a huge amount of popular claim, as well as critical regard from within the sf-fantasy genre. It centres around the main character Kvothe, who relates the story of his life, the majority of the book being in the form of flashbacks.

Across the aisle from me was a bespectacled young woman in a denim jacket, sat reading a hardback copy of 'The Fifth Elephant' by Terry Pratchett (it actually took me a while to get this, involving many surreptitious glances, as the book mostly remained flat on her lap). It was one of those hardback books with a worn clear book protector, a sure sign that this is (or was) a library book. This is a Discworld novel, number 24 to be precise (he's up to number 40 now). This one features  Sam Vines of the city watch, who is sent on a diplomatic mission to the Northern principality of Uberwald. If you are new to Terry Pratchett and Discworld, I'd start somewhere else though, and if you are a die hard Pratchett fan, well you've probably already read it haven't you.

Normally, I'd recommend starting at the beginning, which would be the first discworld book 'The Colour of Magic'. But actually I don't think this is the best book to start with, there are many better Discworld books. I'd start with 'Mort', the first book to feature Death as a main character. That's just my personal opinion though.

That's it for now. A short post, it has been sat in my drafts for a few days waiting for me to add to it, but think it is better to just post as. More soon.