Monday, 10 April 2017

Top 10 Books to Read From my Kindle

While I prefer reading a physical paperback copy of a book, I do quite a bit of reading on my Kindle too, for the sheer convenience (I can read in the lunchtime sandwich queue, waiting at the bus stop and even while walking home from work although that takes some skill). I'm a addictive buyer of books, physical and e-books. For real books I'm constantly reminded what they are as I see my bookshelves every day. For e-books though it is easy to forget what I've got on there, especially impulse 99p deals or free books. I have 236 books on my Kindle currently, and between half and three quarters of them I haven't read. So I decided to do a Top 10 list of the books from my Kindle that I most want to read. This isn't my Top 10 must read books by any stretch of the imagination, that is for another post, if anything it's my Top 10 Forgotten About Should Reads!

  1. 'The Sins of the Father' by Jeffrey Archer. This is Book Two in his Clifton Chronicles, following the life of Harry Clifton through most of the 20th century. I really enjoyed book 1, Only Time Will Tell. Archer gets a bad rep for being too commercial, formulaic etc and that may be true, but I enjoy them!
  2. 'Emperor: The Gates of Rome' by Conn Iggulden. I enjoyed his series about Ghengis Khan, and I really like Roman history, so this first book in his Roman historical fiction series should be good.
  3. 'The Last Grain Race' by Eric Newby. The author went on to become one of the best travel writers of the 20th century, but before all that as an 18 year old he signed on for a sailing round trip from Europe to Australia on one of the last voyages of its kind. I really enjoyed his book 'Love and War in the Appenines' so hoping this will be good too.
  4. Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson. A short story cycle, all the stories in this anthology link together and portray the life and people of a small town in Ohio.
  5. 'Raven Black' by Ann Cleeves. The first in her crime series set in the Scottish Shetland islands, now a popular TV series. I've heard a lot of good things about her books but never read any.
  6. The Time Machine by H G Wells - a short sci-fi classic I'm almost ashamed I've not read yet.
  7. 'Dark Star Safari' by Paul Theroux - Travel writer Paul Theroux journeys across the length of Africa.
  8. We Need to Talk About Kelvin by Marcus Chown - A science book about what the everyday can teach us about the universe (not to be mistaken with 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' which is about a kid who shoots loads of people at his school'!)
  9. 'The Card' by Arnold Bennett - a humorous classic about a confidence man/con artist. Set in the area my wife grew up in, so a - tenuous - personal connection!
  10. 'The Rain' by Joseph A Turkot - A post apocalypse novel, first in a series. Two-a-penny but this one looks really good.
So this is a bit of an eclectic mix, but some gems here for sure.